Geological and geotechnical site investigations

The geological and geotechnical site investigations must form the basis of any project. In a succinct manner, can be defined as the set of practices that allows you to collect, in the field, the information which, being subject to subsequent interpretation, it will determine the constitution and the parameters of resistance and deformability of a massive, among other properties.

Indeed, to allow to define the characteristics of a massive in quantitative terms, the geological and geotechnical site investigations enables to proceed to the adequacy and structural economic optimization of each project.

It is essential therefore to conclude that site investigation is of crucial importance and should therefore be seen as an investment and not as a cost.

Because each prospecting campaign is unique, ENGGEO seeks to answer to the specificities of each project through the provision of various services:

  • mechanical boreholes;
  • in-situ testing (dynamic probing (DPSH, DPH, DPM and DPL), Standard Penetration Test (SPT), among others);
  • laboratory testing;
  • geologic surface exploration;
  • trial pits;
  • geophysical investigations (seismic refraction, electrical resistivity and ground penetrating radar).