Geotechnical reports

Counting on a technical team which has a recognized experience in this field, acquired by conducting hundreds of geotechnical reports in different countries, the ENGGEO is a reference in this area.

Geological and geotechnical site investigation involves a set of practices that, regardless of the number and type of tests on which it is based, or the degree of complexity of the techniques that employ, have a common purpose: to collect information enabling characterize a particular massif.

This characterization is not, however, a direct and immediate consequence of prospecting campaign. In fact, once concluded prospection works, starts a new phase – drafting the geotechnical report. The drafting of this document comprises the processing, analysis and interpretation of the information that the geological and geotechnical site investigation allowed collect, thus enabling the assignment of a geotechnical model to the massif in study, which includes the definition of the respective geomechanical parameters.

Then it becomes apparent that the prospecting campaign will only be useful if the information that allow obtain is conveniently interpreted, which confers a decisive importance to the geotechnical report.